Welcome to the home page for Thermoview East. We are proud that our company has been providing Thermal Imaging Surveys across Australia for 35 years.  We have vast experience in performing Thermographic Surveys and would be happy to use these skills to assist you. Some additional reasons to use us for your Thermal Imaging needs:

  • We use only use quality, calibrated FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras to perform surveys.
  • We use qualified Thermographers and “A” Grade electricians.
  • We are ISO9001 certified.
  • We perform work for many different clients from across Victoria and Australia. Examples of the industries we work in are: Manufacturing, Oil Refining, Health, Commercial Buildings, Hotels & Hospitality, Mining, Education, Local Government and Councils,  Retail Shops &  Centres, Retail and Power Distribution

Contact us:

0421 635 938 – 16 Eskay Rd, Oakleigh SouthmotorCB

Thermal Imaging- PH-0421635938- sales@thermovieweast.com.au- 16EskayRd- OakleighSouth – VIC